Operational Geochemistry Support

  • Real-time geochemistry support for site personnel
  • Implementation of AMD management plans
  • Auditing of AMD management plans
  • Training of site personnel on key AMD management procedures
  • Translation of geochemical assessments to practical operational procedures
  • Stakeholder engagement and consultation

Waste Facility AMD Performance

  • Contaminant source term characterisation of historical facilities
  • Current, short-term, and long-term contaminant load predictions
  • Internal dynamic processes (gas and water flux) assessment
  • Performance monitoring

Practical Mine Waste Management

  • AMD management system conception and construction
  • AMD management plan development
  • AMD operational procedure development
  • Optimal waste placement strategy guidance
  • Waste rock classification systems and associated scheduling

Mine Site Geochemical Assessments

  • Waste rock and tailings geochemical characterisations
  1. Acid base accounting
  2. Static geochemical characterisations
  3. Kinetic geochemical characterisations
  • Site wide and point source water quality assessments
  • Site wide contaminant load predictions

Senior Level Geochemist Secondments